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Your Time

Time with your family Time with kids away from video games Time away from your (or your kids) phones Put your laptop down Or are you enjoying your "friends" political rants on Facebook? Grab a surfboard Grab a beverage I've seen enough strange stuff on Instagram for now At freshwatersurfer we hope you enjoy your time, whatever you do If you are out on the lake, let us know!  

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Boat Show Bloopers

Hello All- As spring rapidly approaches its BOAT SHOW SEASON!  I love boat show season.  More than that stupid hedgehog seeing his shadow, boat show season gets my motor running for spring. I recently went to a few in our region.  I continue to be amazed by: 1.  How expensive boats are these days 2.  How much each manufacturer is drinking their own kool aid. I simply can't believe most of what I hear from the dealers at these shows.  I had a dealer, who did not know that I already owned a particular manufacturers towboat, try to tell me things that were "wrong" with my model boat.  He went on and on about my boats shortcomings.  The majority of...

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Choosing the right Surf Board

Choosing the right surf board can be a fun, process.  With surfboards running between $250 and $1,000 or more, it can be a bit intimidating when deciding what to buy.  There are TONS of factors involved.  Skill, Body Size, Wave Size, and goals are just a few.   Although this is a blog about surf boards, it might help to discuss wave size for one second. General Rule:  The bigger the surf wave you create behind your boat, the more options you have in boards.  Bigger and longer waves give more energy and a larger sweet spot.   Smaller waves can still be ridden, and can produce loads of fun, but generally lack "Push" (the energy of the wave that...

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